Cloud Hotel Management

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Cloud Hotel Management

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Customer Profile

The system has provision for the creation and updating of the customer profile to record all the relevant data for its effective administration.


Check-in and Check-out options provide ease to the customers as the online hotel management system works as their guide to the same.


The online hotel management software takes care that the customers can enjoy the facilities at the hotel to the fullest in order to earn customer loyalty.

Proper Access Control

User module is provided for login and log out of the users. The admin is the one who masters the screen. He can check how many users are currently logged in. Users can also access the system but within a configured timeline. The system has a bulk insert for dummy records.

Room Management

The system also informs the status of the room. Whether the room is occupied or vacant as well as whether it is clean or dirty.

Reservation Confirmation

In case of pre-booking, web-based hotel booking software sends a confirmation mail to the client informing him about the reserved room.

End Of Day Report For Cashier

A proper record of the daily check-ins and checkouts outs is extremely important. The proposed system encompasses provision for a daily report for an easy understanding of the cashier and the staff.

Group Management

The proposed online hotel management software takes care that there is efficient management of the group for effective functioning.

Guest Experience Management

Guests are the assets of any hotel. The software takes due care that each guest can utilize the facilities of the hotel to its maximum and their proper comfort is ensured.

Let your guests build and manage their profiles, perform self-check-in, request services, check bills, and more; all from their mobile devices.

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It allows your property to create bookings, hold reservation, and can download all the booking history in an excel sheet

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It allows Supervisor to know the start time, end time of the cleaning process with live updates.

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This module can help you keep track of every item in your stock, from raw materials to finished products

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Payroll module educes any unwanted errors, making sure that every employee gets paid exactly what they’re owed.

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An accounting software empowers your accounts team in minimizing errors and focusing on high-impact actionable

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Customize your Questionnaires and immediately view the Guest response.

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This module allows users to create, export, and manage reports using available workforce data.

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Cloud Hotel Management

Cloud Hotel Management

Frequently asked questions

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Cloud Hotel Management keeps extensive Guest History, including a complete stay history that details every stay, the property, the room type, the room, the arrival dates, the number of nights and the total spend.  You can also track any guest preferences and any “extras” or package elements that a guest enjoyed.

Yes, Cloud Hotel Management has a full featured maintenance module – tracking incident priorities, response times, staff assignments and incident details.  Designed to be clear and easy to use for maintenance personnel.



Cloud Hotel Management

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